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January 17, 2012 : Outfitting a New Slave

I love outfitting new slaves with their new gear. In my Dungeon this is a sign the slave is moving up and is learning his place in life. Some Masters lock a collar around a slave the day they take them in. For myself a slave needs to earn everything. This includes clothing. I always start a slave out always naked with a pair of flip flops on. The only gear they start off with is a chastity device and maybe a ball stretcher. Collars wait until that slave proves he can please me. This includes the slaves ability to improvise and know how to and what to do.

Once they earn that collar then the true training starts. Gags, blindfolds, shackles it all comes with the territory but good things come to those who wait and a good slave learns to wait and only anticipate what his Masters wants and needs are.

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