Gay Baseball Sex – Peter Dutch And Tyler Saint

Like a lot of other guys, I have a thing for sportsmen. I was actually pretty lucky a couple of years ago when a master I knew lent me his college boy slave for the weekend and he turned out to be a wrestler. I don’t know what it is about those wrestling college boys, but so many of them really get off on being totally dominated and fucked hard!

But this one is about the gay baseball sex, with Tyler Saint using the fuckhole of Peter Dutch for his own entertainment at Club Inferno Dungeon.

I’ve been getting off hard on their action ever since I joined the site, and going back through all the videos has had me wanking gallons of cum from my balls over those months. They give me some great ideas for some of the sessions I have with my slaves, and this one featuring some hardcore gay baseball sex has made me consider looking up some more sporty slaves to use.

Peter Dutch is the willing bottom in this gay baseball sex video, with MVP Tyler Saint taking advantage and using that fuck hole to get himself off.

Tyler’s 9″ meat stick is just the first thing to get into that hole, but it’s not the last. Peter Dutch needs a lot of anal action to get himself off, and he can take a hell of a lot too.

Two massive dildo’s follow Tyler’s big cock in there, then a bottle of sports drink, followed by a huge slippery bat!



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