How to successfully Humiliate your slave:February 1, 2012


Part of owning a slave is Humiliating them, but many ask why do we do this, is it not better to use honey to get more flies. Well yes and no.

While a slave may want to be loved and cuddled, they must understand that they are the lowest form of life in the universe. They must aspire to grow and earn the love they want and eventually receive.

While this does sound harsh bare with me as I explain.

When you get a new puppy you love them, but at the same time you really hate the fact that they shit on your new carpet. So you punish them and eventually train them to let you know they need to go out and go to the bathroom. Once the training period is done there is something natural that causes your love and mutual respect for the puppy to grow. The same as with a slave.

Now you must also understand that a true slave craves the opportunity to be humiliated. I have known slaves that will intentionally fuck up just to be punished and humiliated.

So what are some of the best ways to humiliate?

If you are a private owner, then body writing is a good start. Another good thing to do is make them perform for the camera (hide faces and identifiable stuff) then make them post it to tube sites.

If you are more of an open owner, then go all out. Give them noticeable haircuts, make them wear embarrassing clothes etc.

I had one slave many years ago that had a thing about wearing flip flops and shorts. He was embarrassed to the point of wearing them outside that he would literally cry if he had to. So guess what, he was required to wear them all the time and I’m not talking normal manly looking flip flops and shorts. I found him some real short shorts in a feminine color and then got him a fluorescent pink pair of cheap flip flops and decked him out with a nice slim tank top and pink dog collar (he had earned that by then)

He would sometimes fight me so much when I told him he had to go to say a mall on a Saturday afternoon like that and take a picture of himself while there showing everything. But the real humility was when he got back and I made him post it to the net for everyone to make fun of.

The point is that slaves not only crave this treatment but need it so they can grow and learn and become the slave you want them to be.

So don’t be afraid to try different things, pretty bright red toenail polish is a good one.

Take those pictures and be sure to submit them here.

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