Gay Cum Slaves Swallow Load After Load Of Hot Spooge!

One of the most awesome orgies I ever went to was in this dungeon club where the guys had all ganged up on one of the slaves for a cum night. I have to confess that I totally get off on cum play, and the bigger the cum load the more horny it is for me. So when I heard about that party I was definitely horny for it.

There were about ten guys in the cellar, and one really horny slave. He was a muscled and hairy fucker, the slave of the guy who owned the bar. He’d been tied down on a metal bed for about four hours with hardcore porn playing and his hands tied. Apparently his master had come in every hour to edge his cock for ten minutes. So by the time the party started the guy was so horny he was ready to cum so hard just with the slightest touch.

The dude was one of those real gay cum slaves, the kind who can actually get off just by having another dude dump his nutt on his cock. But for the party he had to just lay there on his back with his wet dick dribbling and his hands tied above his head as all of us wanked off and sucked each other around him. He wasn’t allowed to suck any of us, but he really begged to get face fucked! It was so hard not to give in and feed him, but there were plenty of other guys there who wanted to suck me off and share some wanking.

But eventually, after about half an hour, the first guy was ready to squirt, and he stepped up to dump his load down the gay cum slaves throat. The slave gobbled it all up and sucked the last drop from that cock, with his own dick twitching and dribbling precum as he feasted on it. Then the next guy approached to feed him too, and that was a massive load! It splashed everywhere, filling up his mouth, and that’s all the slave needed to start squirting his cum too. It really fired out of his dick, splashing all over himself as he drank that load! But the poor guy had about another eight thick and messy cum loads to swallow after that too, and it did make him fire off again with us helping him along with some stroking ;)

That’s what the action in this video totally reminded me of. It’s one of the videos in the 30 Loads Of Facials series from Stag Homme with gay cum slaves Francesco D’Macho and Damien Crosse sucking off a bunch of anonymous guys and taking their cum wads. These guys really know how to suck the semen from a dudes dick, and they get a load of straight, bi and gay guys feeding them their loads in these videos.

I’ve been a huge fan of these guys for a long time, and this series has to be the best thing they’ve ever done! I don’t think there are many guys like them who are so desperate to get the spooge from a dick, and watching them sucking all that thick cream from those hung cocks is an amazing sight! I’d love to see either of these guys strapped down and forced to take a belly full of cum from a gang of horny guys, and I know they’d get off hard on that too! ;)

In these pics you can see the hunky Damien Crosse sucking the thick and juicy cock of one of their anonymous men and taking the cum load over his face. Then another guy with a big and hard uncut cock prepares to have the semen sucked from his balls too. I guess they’re almost lining up around the block to feed their loads to these guys, and once you’ve seen them sucking dick you’ll totally understand why lol

Head over to Stag Homme to see the trailers, it’s really hot, and really messy!

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